Garage Sale 2019

This year’s sale will be on March 23 from 7:30 am to 2:00 pm at the Farm & Home Building and Building 4 at the Appalachian Fairgrounds in Gray.  

Vendors: Set-up day will be Friday, March 22 from noon to 6:00 pm.  Download the Vendor Sign Up Form for all the details.  No more than 5 booths will be allowed per person.  Booths will be firmly reserved when payment is received.  Until then, booths are provisionally reserved by request.  If you have any questions, call Bob Lawrence at 467.2607 (6:30 am – 2:15 pm weekdays).  If I’m not available, leave a message and I’ll return your call as quickly as possible.  You can email me at or at

Check the available booth spaces in the Main Building and in Building 4  

Here are the forms you’ll need to sign up for the Garage Sale.  Right click on the image and select “copy image” and then paste it into a new Word document or save “save image” and insert it into your document folder, then print it.

vendor signup

Vendor indemnification

CC authorization